Nanatsu no Taizai 208 Chapter - I'm seriously wondering why Elizabeth couldn't sense that pile of magic in the middle of the forest when it seems Gloxinia and the other Commandments, who weren't even near the forest, could. That makes no sense to me and is a weak "excuse" for Elizabeth, and Mel for that matter. And the fact that she wouldn't believe that Ludociel would kidnap Demons despite the fact that she literally just learned that he wanted to exterminate them is terrible as well. She is the weakest point in this chapter. Except her getting smacked up by Derriere. I liked that. The Demons are justified in their hatred of Mel and Elizabeth. True they were ignorant of the circumstances (They shouldn't have been, but the plot dictated it), it's still not a good look to be on the team who commits genocide.

Fairy Tail 524

Nanatsu no Taizai 208

One Piece 857

My Hero Academia 128

Boruto 10

Shokugeki no Soma 204
Manga-Swap is your best place to read free and fresh Fairy Tail 524 manga, Be sure to check this page again to see the anticipated Fairy Tail 524 release. - Gray. Gray's suicide ore resolve Tbh i didn't put so much concern about Gray's trump card since the very beginning because it was forced as hell to parallel him with Natsu and to give him relevance against Zeref. Pretty obvious when Mashima recycled Ice shell and it was very predicted too cuz he has nothing compared to Igneel leftovers. Gray here used ice shell as a redemption because he tried to kill Natsu, Sacrificing himself and existence so Natsu can live without the need to defeat Zeref. Gray's resolve to sacrifice himself and erase his existence wasn't good tbh because as he said his life doesn't belong to him alone ( Ur sacrificed her life for him and Juvia almost died to save him ) that being said, Gray still got many points from me this chapter, I liked when he let the revenge idea go and conceded Natsu as Natsu. At least he redeemed himself and his relation with Natsu became stronger and that's the point of the whole Gray's trump card it played as device to strengthening their bond.

Wahl Eehto

Wall Eehto (ワール・イーヒト Wāru Īhito) was a high-tech machine of the Machias race that is part of the Alvarez Empire as one of the Spriggan 12, the protection guard of Emperor Spriggan. His epithet within the empire is "The Adjudicator" (審判者 Shinpansha). The real Wall Eehto is a thin, youthful-looking man with medium-length, wavy, messy black hair; his bangs are parted to the left and hang over his left eye. Both of his eyes are very distinct, with unique "eyelashes" that jut out at four points on the outer vertical edges of each eye; his expression is consistently furrowed, and he appears to almost constantly wear a devilish grin that exposes his extremely sharp, pointed teeth. Around his jawline are small holes, and his ears are studded with screws.
Photo Credit by IchigoVizard96
For attire, the real Wall wears orange coveralls with a harness buckled around his chest in the form of a tunic that exposes his metallic shoulders; the collar is black, and around his waist he wears a black belt. On each of his shoulders the symbol of the Alvarez Empire is located upon him, and he wears very long rubber black gloves that extend from all the way up to just below the aforementioned marks. To complete his outfit, Wall wears black rubber boots that reach up to the very top of his thighs.

The puppet of Wall, in its human form, resembles a tall, oddly shaped man with unnaturally long arms. It has a rather big, oval-shaped face, small pointy ears and glaring eyes with dark bags underneath them. It is often seen with a mischievous grin and seemingly has no nose. Its hairstyle resembles an antenna; strands of its hair juts upwards, forming one thin mohawk at the top of the head, while the surrounding parts of hair are somewhat cut apart from one other, shaping a distinctive pattern on both of its temples. In regards to clothing, the puppet wears an ensemble consisting of a dark, high-collared open jacket with the sleeves slightly rolled up, over a long, striped sweater and light colored, tight-fitting jeans. The jacket bears an insignia on both sides of the upper chest-region, together resembling the wings of a bird. Around its neck, the puppet adorns a necklace consisting of various unspecified accessories, placed in a particular order. In addition, it also sports a camouflage patterned scarf, as well as round, leopard-print shoes.

The puppet is usually shown with a mischievous grin, regardless of the situation he's in, lending credence to his objective and controlled persona. Wall also seems to be conscious of villainous and unjust actions, with him mentioning the sinful act of capturing his majesty's former lover, but nevertheless obliges dutifully. It also expresses the tendency to speak with reference to law and order, dictating at one point that Weakness allows it to conduct prosecution, and said that it was going to "impose the death penalty" upon Freed.

The real Wall (in his "impulsive" personality), however, is a maniacal individual who wears a crazed grin and violently cackles at things he finds humorous, including his own comrades' defeat and capture. However, even when he finds things humorless, he still laughs, such as at the prospect of Fairy Tail sullying the name of the Alvarez Empire all by themselves. Wall has also exhibited a degree of arrogance, referring to himself as "the great Wall" and the "Machias tribe elite". What makes Wall remarkable is his ability to, as a Machias, completely rewrite his own personality to better suit his current predicament; in order to ensure his own victory, as the smallest chance existed that his current personality would cause him to lose in a fight against Laxus Dreyar, Wall discarded his carefree persona and adopted one that was "heartless". Said change removed any ounce of frivolity in his character, and reduced him to an emotionless killing machine.

Weakness (弱点特攻兵ウィークネス Wīkunesu): A Magic initially utilized by his puppet to create mechanical soldiers that exploit his enemies' weaknesses, Weakness is a Magic that utilizes the basic processes of Alchemy to form its constructs. The real Wall demonstrated the ability to additionally construct extremely complicated, powerful machinery with little to no effort, such as a Jupiter-like cannon, and even less complicated weapons, which include heat-seeking missiles copper and zinc-infused 9mm bullets, electric-imbued mechanical latches, etc. One of the fundamental abilities of Weakness is to also allow him to examine, with his eyes, the body of the foe in question, which allows him to assess their overall statistics and abilities, as well as even view their internal organs. Alternatively, Wall can also use his Weakness as a visual aid for attacking with his created products by locking on to targets that are within an adequate firing distance.

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