Nanatsu no Taizai 208 Chapter - I'm seriously wondering why Elizabeth couldn't sense that pile of magic in the middle of the forest when it seems Gloxinia and the other Commandments, who weren't even near the forest, could. That makes no sense to me and is a weak "excuse" for Elizabeth, and Mel for that matter. And the fact that she wouldn't believe that Ludociel would kidnap Demons despite the fact that she literally just learned that he wanted to exterminate them is terrible as well. She is the weakest point in this chapter. Except her getting smacked up by Derriere. I liked that. The Demons are justified in their hatred of Mel and Elizabeth. True they were ignorant of the circumstances (They shouldn't have been, but the plot dictated it), it's still not a good look to be on the team who commits genocide.

Fairy Tail 524

Nanatsu no Taizai 208

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Shokugeki no Soma 204
Manga-Swap is your best place to read free and fresh Fairy Tail 524 manga, Be sure to check this page again to see the anticipated Fairy Tail 524 release. - Gray. Gray's suicide ore resolve Tbh i didn't put so much concern about Gray's trump card since the very beginning because it was forced as hell to parallel him with Natsu and to give him relevance against Zeref. Pretty obvious when Mashima recycled Ice shell and it was very predicted too cuz he has nothing compared to Igneel leftovers. Gray here used ice shell as a redemption because he tried to kill Natsu, Sacrificing himself and existence so Natsu can live without the need to defeat Zeref. Gray's resolve to sacrifice himself and erase his existence wasn't good tbh because as he said his life doesn't belong to him alone ( Ur sacrificed her life for him and Juvia almost died to save him ) that being said, Gray still got many points from me this chapter, I liked when he let the revenge idea go and conceded Natsu as Natsu. At least he redeemed himself and his relation with Natsu became stronger and that's the point of the whole Gray's trump card it played as device to strengthening their bond.


Neinhart (ナインハルト Nainharuto) is a member of Emperor Spriggan's elite personal guard: the Spriggan 12. He also leads the Neinhart Squad, his own personal squad, within the Alvarez Empire. Neinhart is a slender man who has a rather effeminate appearance, including long eyelashes and long, purple hair pulled into a ponytail, with a long, pointed face who wears a jointed green suit of armor over the top of a yellow frilly shirt. The chest piece is decorated with two purple rose patterns, as well as trapezoidal designs that run across the abdominal portion; the frills of Neinhart's shirt come up through the v-shaped neck hole of his armor, around which is tied a cravat. On each arm, Neinhart has pauldrons emblazoned with the mark of the Alvarez Empire, couters tied above his cubital fossa, and gauntlets that are also decorated with the trapezoidal pattern (frills from the sleeve of his shirt also protrude from the gauntlets). Neinhart also wears plain, dark trousers, and on each leg are poleyns and greaves, whereupon the greaves are also decorated with with the aforementioned trapezoidal pattern. He finishes his attire with flower earrings, what appears to be green sabatons for footwear, and three pairs of white fur balls, each set located on his respective collarbone and his left hip. He also has flower-like ear piercings.
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Neinhart has proven himself to be quite defiant and somewhat antisocial, as he blatantly ignored his Emperor, Zeref, who summoned him to a meeting for the entire Spriggan 12 (despite the fact that he was present in the castle at the time), and then when he arrived at Hargeon with Wall and Dimaria, he refused to exit the ship and assist in the battle. When he made his actual appearance in front of the southern Ishgar forces, he came off in an expressive tone when describing his opposition, due to his power of being able to look into the past of whomever he desires. He can be quick to correct a statement, with him being insulted after Jellal claimed his Historias were mere illusions, attacking him and Kagura following the assumption. He relishes entertainment and while quite gleeful and vain, he is very egotistical of his own power, even calling out his comrades by mocking them that they were pathetic in comparison to himself, thus boasting his might. While arrogant and whimsical when it comes to the lives of others, he does respect some individuals, as shown when Erza broke his Magic, he trembled in fear of the connection between her and Irene Belserion (whom he addresses as "Lady Irene"), a fellow Shield of Spriggan, showing some signs of being reverential to his comrades.

Historia of the Dead (屍のヒストリア Shikabane no Hisutoria): Neinhart's signature Magic, which allows him to look into the hearts of others, view and create a replica of the deceased of those in the individual's past that made a lasting impact upon them, be it as a result of hard-fought combat, love, or simply immense respect. He has noted that the replicas are not illusions, as he gives "life" into the past Historias, with them retaining their personalities, memories, as well as any Magic and abilities they possessed from their lifetime. A snap of his fingers or wave of his arms can both create or dispel the life replicas. Depending on the Magic Power his summoned Historias, it's possible for Neinhart to tire out or feel drained from the massive reserves of Magic Power they consume or use. However, it has been remarked that those very same Historias are considerably less powerful than their original selves.

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