Nanatsu no Taizai 208 Chapter - I'm seriously wondering why Elizabeth couldn't sense that pile of magic in the middle of the forest when it seems Gloxinia and the other Commandments, who weren't even near the forest, could. That makes no sense to me and is a weak "excuse" for Elizabeth, and Mel for that matter. And the fact that she wouldn't believe that Ludociel would kidnap Demons despite the fact that she literally just learned that he wanted to exterminate them is terrible as well. She is the weakest point in this chapter. Except her getting smacked up by Derriere. I liked that. The Demons are justified in their hatred of Mel and Elizabeth. True they were ignorant of the circumstances (They shouldn't have been, but the plot dictated it), it's still not a good look to be on the team who commits genocide.

Fairy Tail 524

Nanatsu no Taizai 208

One Piece 857

My Hero Academia 128

Boruto 10

Shokugeki no Soma 204
Manga-Swap is your best place to read free and fresh Fairy Tail 524 manga, Be sure to check this page again to see the anticipated Fairy Tail 524 release. - Gray. Gray's suicide ore resolve Tbh i didn't put so much concern about Gray's trump card since the very beginning because it was forced as hell to parallel him with Natsu and to give him relevance against Zeref. Pretty obvious when Mashima recycled Ice shell and it was very predicted too cuz he has nothing compared to Igneel leftovers. Gray here used ice shell as a redemption because he tried to kill Natsu, Sacrificing himself and existence so Natsu can live without the need to defeat Zeref. Gray's resolve to sacrifice himself and erase his existence wasn't good tbh because as he said his life doesn't belong to him alone ( Ur sacrificed her life for him and Juvia almost died to save him ) that being said, Gray still got many points from me this chapter, I liked when he let the revenge idea go and conceded Natsu as Natsu. At least he redeemed himself and his relation with Natsu became stronger and that's the point of the whole Gray's trump card it played as device to strengthening their bond.


Bloodman (ブラッドマン Buraddoman) was an Etherious and a member of Emperor Spriggan's elite personal guard: the Spriggan 12. Feared as the "Grim Reaper" (死神 Shinigami) by his foes, he efficiently wields the Curses of the Nine Demon Gates and their king. Bloodman is a very tall, extremely muscular demon with an overall macabre appearance; his chest is covered in a black and red demonic breastplate that wraps itself around his lower abdomen. Attached to his breastplate are extremely large, irregularly-shaped metallic pauldrons that connect and fade out into his extremely long cloak, which he uses to keep hooded his head, upon which he wears what appears to be a red oni mask with his eye area painted yellow all around extending to his chin to conceal his face. On his arms, Bloodman wears a fishnet, mesh-like material, which is partially concealed by his overly-large pauldrons and gloves; the gloves themselves are frayed, and bear a zigzag pattern below the fray, however, attached to the zigzag pattern are also irregularly-flowing designs that the resemble bone structure of the hand, as they travel down from the forearm of the glove and branch off at the knuckles and travel down to each fingertip. The aforementioned zigzag pattern also appears on the material that is exposed on the parts of his torso that Bloodman's breastplate does not cover, and around his waist he wears a belt. His lower body is concealed from view by a dark robe that reaches up to his feet. Just below the belt, it sports a pattern of circles that travels around his person. Overall, as described by members of Sabertooth that he killed, Bloodman very much resembles the grim reaper.
Bloodman, living up to his appearance, is a sinister, malevolent and cruel person, who shows no signs of regret at slaughtering people, shows no mercy against foes and silently kills anyone who gets in his way.

When he is attacked by an angry Gajeel, more of Bloodman's macabre personality comes to light, wherein he arrogantly tells Gajeel that to touch him is to touch death itself. However, by that token, Bloodman also appears to be quite battle-hungry, saying in his encounter with Gajeel, upon hearing that the man's lungs are made of iron and thus resistant to Magical Barrier Particles, that it had been some time since he had been able to enjoy a true fight. His fixation with death also became more apparent, as when Levy intervened, Bloodman promised them an inevitable death. Additionally, he is extremely persistent, as when he was dealt a mortal wound by Gajeel, Bloodman went out of his way to try and take Gajeel with him before he eventually died.

First Seal (第一の印 Dai-ichi no In): Bloodman's body is completely made up of Magical Barrier Particles, allowing him to deform, shape and move his body however he desires, and makes him near completely immune to all forms of both physical and magical damage. However, it should be noted that, very similarly to Shadow Drive, if Bloodman himself physically attacks a target, he must remain tangible, therefore leaving him susceptible to physical counterattack. Upon the seal's release, just being near Bloodman incites death, as the copious amount of poisonous particles overwhelms and kills those who inhale them within mere moments, save for those with special lungs.

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