Nanatsu no Taizai 203 Chapter - It seems like we're not quite in the Holy War yet so the really bad stuff is about to go down soonish. I do wonder tho, so far we've had this theme of none of the sins being responsible for their "crimes" (not directly anyway). What if Meliodas WASN'T the one who kickstarted the full-blown war? Ludociel seems like a massive asshole, I think we all can agree on that, I'm fully expecting him to do something really underhanded (like killing the demon children?) in one of the next chapters to send the demons into a blind rage and pick them off while they're in chaos. Meliodas is most definitely going to be in the middle of whatever mess is gonna go down and it's highly likely that some demon will see him do...something that leads to this hatred towards him. And if I'm right, and we're about to see that event Derrierie brought up when she fought Nerobasta...oh!! Damn, wait a sec. I just realized something Derrierie directly accused Nerobasta of killing the kids. She is RIGHT THERE in this chapter and Ludociel has some kind of plan. And she also said she was only following orders so it wouldn't be farfetched at all to expect that massacre in the coming chapters would it? The pieces are all there. Maybe the choice Diane and King have to make will be whether they are going to kill those likely innocent children or not? Hot I'm pumped to see this unfold

Fairy Tail 518

Nanatsu no Taizai 203

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Shokugeki no Soma 199
Manga-Swap is your best place to read free and fresh Fairy Tail 517 manga, Be sure to check this page again to see the anticipated Fairy Tail 518 release. - I still can't imagine how erza would end up winning this. It's not like real damage has been dealt to irene for the most part. And ultimately, she is still an actual dragon in human clothes. To the best of our knowledge erza shouldn't be able to stand up against such an staggering force. Maybe if she was enhanced by wendy but that does not seem to be a thing right now. The best thing I can think of is that wendy wen't on to do something to irene's body before leaving it. Perhaps infuse her with dragon slaying magic that erza would be able to exploit.


August (オーガスト Ōgasuto) is the general and strongest male member of the Alvarez Empire's Spriggan 12, the protection guard of Emperor Spriggan. He's epitheted "Magic King" (魔導王 Madō Ō) for his mastery of countless Magics from all around the world and "Disaster" (災害 Saigai) for his matchless strength. August is a relatively tall, fair-skinned, still quite well-toned old man with blackish eyes and roughly shoulder-length, wavy, silvery white hair, with the majority of his bangs swept leftward. He has a short mustache, and a lengthy, mildly thin beard that reaches down to his upper torso, shoots up towards the mouth in large spikes, and links to his main hair via sideburns. Additionally, he has thick eyebrows, a pronounced nose bridge, and high cheekbones. August's many facial wrinkles evidence his advanced age, most prominently those on his forehead and below his lower eyelids, and his laugh lines. He also has a dark tattoo consisting of a thick dot surrounded by two circles on the back of his left hand, and two straight lines going from the circles' bottom end down the front of his forearm.
As for clothing, August sports a long, light-colored robe consisting of two major pieces: a long garment that reaches past his knees, with a tattered bottom edge and intricately designed linings on the ends of its sleeves, including a line of dark lozenges, and a shorter, more billowing garment above it, over only his chest area. The longer garb is kept tied together with a thin light girdle made of a seemingly rope-like material. An externally and internally dark-colored cape is additionally above both parts of the robe, jutting out in sharp, more elongated lozenge-shaped spikes around the back of his head, also having a tattered bottom edge, having the Alvarez Empire's symbol emblazoned on its back, and being kept in its place by a long, less wide cloth tied around it and August's neck, which in turn is held fast by a spherical dark clip. Finally, a dark ring on his right middle finger and plain dark high boots complete the outfit.

Befitting his oldness, August's demeanor is among the more cool and stern of Zeref's Shields, rarely expressing strong emotions; he quickly settled down after seeing God Serena being slain up close. Wise and often speaking cryptic, Brandish μ, herself a Shield, also labeled him the wisest of Zeref's Shields. Additionally, despite his status as one of the world's strongest, he's also aware of and accepts his limits, saying to another Shield that they, together, still had no chance of defeating Acnologia himself (whereas the strongest female of the Spriggan 12, Irene Belserion, sanguinely dared confronting the Dragon King all by her lonesome).

Whereas, according to Jacob Lessio, August is truly "bad news", lacking the barest sense of humor; he's very gentle by word of Brandish, reportedly the easiest one to talk things out with among the Spriggan 12, a statement later proven well-founded. In fact, August's mellow bearing is such that, regarding enemies, he told God Serena to desist from killing, of all people, the helpless four then-strongest of Ishgar's Wizard Saints, and wanted to grant Mirajane Strauss a quick demise by shooting through her heart; regarding comrades, he cares much for and is protective at least of fellow Shields, saying that it's a terrible thing to lose a comrade after having saved Ajeel Ramal (possibly his life) from Laxus Dreyar, asking if Jacob is still alive after the latter had gone on ahead to fight Fairy Tail, and saying that the dead God Serena remains inside his heart. He also rightfully deduced that Brandish stabbing him wasn't voluntary, consequently putting her asleep rather than hurting her in return. August has even shown his distaste for barbaric cruelty set upon enemies, as he was disgusted witnessing Irene torture Mirajane. Even after defeating Crime Sorcière, rather than killing them, he chose to let them live.

Besides, the elder's loyalty to Zeref (whom he reverently addresses as "Your Majesty", unlike Ajeel's informal behavior, but more casual than Invel's interaction with Zeref) is proven to be near inflexible, considering himself and his colleagues Zeref's pawns only, and likewise reminding Brandish of their dedication of their minds, bodies, and very souls to their emperor, while at first brushing aside Brandish's inability to find meaning in Alvarez's war against Ishgar as her betrayal as an enemy whom he ought to eliminate (in spite of knowing Brandish from her childhood days). And yet, he acknowledges the need for even Zeref to have the infinite Magic Power of Fairy Heart in order to kill Acnologia.

Additionally, Brandish managed to initially convince him into first listening to what Fairy Tail had to say to him rather than immediately proceeding with the plan of obtaining Fairy Heart, by imploring him to understand the senselessness and malevolence of the bloodshed that was their war with Ishgar, and that Fairy Tail wasn't evil (although the fact that seeing Natsu Dragneel seemingly reminded him of something might have also played into that). Then, though, when Mest Gryder used Brandish to attempt to kill him, he instantly decided on utterly annihilating the Fairy Tail members confronting him. As the general of the Spriggan 12, August takes his position seriously, as he reprimanded Irene for ignoring their orders to meet up with their emperor, and gave an intense glare at Larcade Dragneel, for always skipping meetings. August believes that light and darkness do not defy the concept of good and evil, and he believes that true justice in the world lies between love.

Magical Intuition: Lauded as the supreme "Magic King" both past and present, August is rumored to have effortless control over every single element of Magic there is, even possessing more types of Magic than Zeref himself.

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