Nanatsu no Taizai 203 Chapter - It seems like we're not quite in the Holy War yet so the really bad stuff is about to go down soonish. I do wonder tho, so far we've had this theme of none of the sins being responsible for their "crimes" (not directly anyway). What if Meliodas WASN'T the one who kickstarted the full-blown war? Ludociel seems like a massive asshole, I think we all can agree on that, I'm fully expecting him to do something really underhanded (like killing the demon children?) in one of the next chapters to send the demons into a blind rage and pick them off while they're in chaos. Meliodas is most definitely going to be in the middle of whatever mess is gonna go down and it's highly likely that some demon will see him do...something that leads to this hatred towards him. And if I'm right, and we're about to see that event Derrierie brought up when she fought Nerobasta...oh!! Damn, wait a sec. I just realized something Derrierie directly accused Nerobasta of killing the kids. She is RIGHT THERE in this chapter and Ludociel has some kind of plan. And she also said she was only following orders so it wouldn't be farfetched at all to expect that massacre in the coming chapters would it? The pieces are all there. Maybe the choice Diane and King have to make will be whether they are going to kill those likely innocent children or not? Hot I'm pumped to see this unfold

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Manga-Swap is your best place to read free and fresh Fairy Tail 517 manga, Be sure to check this page again to see the anticipated Fairy Tail 518 release. - I still can't imagine how erza would end up winning this. It's not like real damage has been dealt to irene for the most part. And ultimately, she is still an actual dragon in human clothes. To the best of our knowledge erza shouldn't be able to stand up against such an staggering force. Maybe if she was enhanced by wendy but that does not seem to be a thing right now. The best thing I can think of is that wendy wen't on to do something to irene's body before leaving it. Perhaps infuse her with dragon slaying magic that erza would be able to exploit.

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Start reading Fairy Tail 518 in this Fairy Tail manga blog.  This is Fairy Tail manga 518 chapter scans online. Fairy Tail chapter 518 can be read in this page and will be updated updated soon with full of surprise and shocking revelations! I did find a few things to be interesting though. For some reason I have always been under the impression that Sky Dragon Magic and Enchantments were 2 separate magics not related to one another. In other words, that Wendy's main magic was always Enchantment and that she just happened to also know Sky Dragon magic due to Grandine's teachings. But after reading this chapter I am not entirely sure anymore. Some of the things said make it seem as if they are related or the same thing although I am not sure if it has been outright stated.  I found it interesting how Irene was able to fly by using Sky Dragon magic while Wendy is always relaying on Carla to carry her around.  As for how Wendy managed to switch to Irene's body and the mechanics of it (or even whether or not she should have been able to do so) do not bother me, this is a fantasy writing and the good guys are always going to win, one way or another.
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Now that Irene's have actually shown that Wendy has quite a potential for offensive magic rather than only defensive magic, perhaps Wendy will take note of it and train to unlock some of her potential. If my thoughts are correct and Sky Dragon magic is a different magic than Enchanting (which honestly it should be, otherwise Irene could not be an Enchanter since she does not know Sky Dragon magic), Wendy could potentially become a powerhouse, exceeding in both, offensive/defensive enchantment magic, PLUS being able to harness Sky Dragon magic which also has offensive (drill) and defensive (healing) aspects.  As for Erza winning against her mother, I have no issue with it because I had no other expectations to begin with. As long as Irene gets a few hits in here and there, I am content with Erza "Nakagaming" her stinking and psycho dragon's behind. I am expecting to see the "power up" that we saw when she vanished the Historias by sheer will power to play a role somehow on Irene's defeat.  With Irene's defeat, I seriously doubt Zeref will have a chance to get his hand on Fairy Heart, which makes me think that Acnologia will have to be defeated by a combination of all the major players (i.e Zeref, Natsu/End, maybe August, and the rest of the Dragon Slayers).  Being that August has displayed that he is capable of soloing a whole guild (Crime Society), I am getting the feeling he might end up being turned into a gray area character which happens to side with the good guys in order to defeat an even greater evil (especially if Zere orders him to help him fight Acnologia). We will see of course. On the other hand, his huge spell was not even able to dispose of giant Happy or Mest so who knows, maybe Natsu did manage to negate the magic's effect on everyone although I got the impression he was referring to Lucy (she is the one he was hugging/protecting).

Trivia: Irene Enchantment has shown extremely high proficiency in the art of enchantment; so much that she's classified as a High Enchanter. It is implied by Acnologia that she learned this ability from Zeref himself, giving her the ability to change and alter landscapes, climates, and the terra firma of the world, as well as manipulate the atmosphere, people, and objects "enchanting" them into any forms on however way she desires. It's been noted by Zeref that she's prodigious when it comes to attaching and detaching Magic from objects, as seen when she offers to detach Fairy Heart from Mavis, something which should normally be impossible. However, due to Fairy Heart's complex nature, this task proves time consuming and delicate for even Irene.

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